Dating addiction

05-Sep-2017 20:38

As well as being defensive, he'd bring things that I apparently did into it.Liam would say, "Well you love to go out and I provide that." I’d end up feeling guilty and he'd storm out.

It was completely unexplained because his parents had paid off his tuition fees.I ended up finding all these night jobs to avoid going home. Believing certain jobs were "below" him, I'd have to bartend in these sleazy bars that I hated so much just to make enough money for us.Meanwhile, he was out partying and using the excuse that he was 'networking' to go to clubs and take copious amounts of drugs.I slowly began to realise I was moulding my life to fit his.

The guidelines for dating in recovery are similar to the rules of engagement for “normies,” but there are some important differences - 5 tips for success… continue reading »

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